Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Circuit

Circuit #1

1. Do not rest between exercises
2. Pick challenging weight for each exercise
3. Make sure to use proper form
4. Do not rush through the exercises
5. Make sure your muscle is contracted and tight on the up and the down for each exercise
6. Make sure to breathe when exercising
7. Realize that you have what it takes to be the best you can be
8. Always believe

ROUND ONE: Go Down The Line Without Resting
1. Lying Leg Curls- 10x / Rest 10 sec
2. Two-Motion Lying Leg Curls (from the bottom-raise the bar up to the half way point-go back down to the start-raise the bar to the full range of motion- (half-down-full)) 2=1> 10x
3. Squat Push-Press-(Place dbs above your shoulders as if you are going to perform a shoulder press-squat down-as you come up from your squat …perform a shoulder press-as you bring the dbs down go back down in a squat/Use the power in your legs to push dbs up then stabilize from your legs to bring dbs down to your shoulders) - 10x
4. Push-ups-10x
5. One lap Run or Jump Rope- 1 minute or Run In Place-45 seconds
Rest 30 seconds and move to the next round

ROUND TWO: No rest between exercises
1. Squat Push-Press (same motion as above) - 12x
2. Push-ups- 12x
3. Two lap Run or Jump Rope- 2 minutes or Run In Place- 1min 30 sec
4. Squat Push-Press- 14x
5. Push-ups- 14x
6. Step Mill Cardio Machine- 4 minutes (Begin on level 5 and increase by 1 level every 30 seconds)
Rest 45 seconds and move to the next round

1. DB Walking Lunges- (Use dbs-keep them on each side of you and not on your shoulders/challenge yourself/count each step you make as 1)-50 steps
2. Wall Sit with Front DB Raises- (make sure your back is pressed against the wall/abdominals are tight/you want to form an L when you are sitting on the wall-as if you are sitting in a chair/with light dbs (ex: 2-5 pounds depending on your fitness level/start from the wall and raise dbs up in front of you- just go parallel/then bring them back down to the wall/make sure your palms are down and the dbs are on the outside of your legs/up and down =1 repetition> you will sit on the wall until you have completed all your front raises)- 20 reps
3. DB Walking Lunges- (same as #1) - 100 steps
4. Wall Sit with Front DB Raise- (same form as #2) - 30 reps
5. Push-ups- 15x
6. Run 1 mile (push yourself/go hard/use your arms and bend those knees when you run)

Way To Go! You Did It!
Never Give In and Keep Striving To Be The Best You Can Be!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Intense Holiday Workout Part 2


Warm-up & Stretch- 5-10 minutes

Round One: No Rest! Four Sets Thru
1. Assisted Pull-ups- 10x (Wide Position/Pick weight that makes you work)
2. Push-Ups- 10x
**After 4th set: Do The Following
A. Burpees- 10x
B. Two Lap Run (Goal Time: under 1 min 15)

Round Two: No Rest! Four Sets Thru

1. Wide Lat Pull-Downs- 10x (Pick challenging weight-increase weight for each set)
2. DB Bent-Over Flye- 15x (Pick challenging weight/keep elbows slightly bent when you extend arms/keep chest down & Bend knees to support Lower Back)
3. Alternating DB Punches To the Ceiling- 30x (Keep elbows in/fast but controlled motion/no stopping/Pick challenging weight)
**After 4th set: Do The Following
A. Squat Jump Pull-ups- 10x (Start Low/Use Your arms To Explode up to the Pull-up handles/squeeze at the top/land in a squat position/go continuous without stopping
B. Two Lap Run Backward (Go at a good pace/Lead with your back leg-reaching-use your arms>The run comes from your butt, hips, and hamstrings

Round Three: No Rest! Three Sets Thru
1. Seated Row- 10x (Keep your legs slightly bent/Row To your Belly button/Do not lean forward when you release the row
2. One DB Pull-Over- 15x (Lie with just the top of your back in the middle of a bench/ Lower DB toward the ground with your arms slightly bent/Pull DB over your head and parallel to your chest/ You will really get a good stretch in your back/Contract your shoulders and your chest/Then Lower the DB back Behind your head toward the Floor)
3. Behind The Back Cable Cross-Over- 25x (Make sure your hands are crossed behind you/Roll your Shoulders Back/Lift cables using rear delts)
**After 3rd set- Do The following
A. Push-Ups- 10x
B. Burpees- 10x
C. Squat Jump Pull-ups-10x
*Repeat Two More Time For a Total Of Three sets


Week Three To A Lean Body

Many times people look to a fat-burning supplement without even controlling their eating regimen. It is important that you get your eating in order (which we have been working on in the last two weeks), which has gotten your body into a fat-burning mode. So for this week, the strategy is to look for a decent fat-burner, which should include ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, and evodiamine, which boost fat-burning and makes the body less efficient at storing calories as body fat.

It is important to note, that there is a big advantage for putting off the fat-burners until Week is that you have already moved your body in the right direction with your eating regimen. By adding a fat-burner, it will help your progress.

The other strategy for Week Three is you must get low...really low. In order to get lean, it comes down to calorie reduction, hormonal manipulation, and exercise. But understand that it is also about perception. Anytime you make a drastic decrease in calories, the body PERCEIVES this as a threat and begins to tap into other fuel sources, FAT BEING CHIEF AMONG THEM. So for one of your four low-carb days during this week, slash carbs even further-to nearly a quarter of your normal intake-to increase fat-burning.

Stay focused...sacrifice and change your eating in the name of getting lean. ;)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intense Holiday Workout Part 1


Rules of the Workout:
1) Make sure you have perfect form and full range of motion on all exercises
2) Be careful with using momentum. Have control of your exercises
3) Pick challenging weight for each exercise
4) Try not to rest between exercises. Rest 45 sec to 1 minute between rounds

Round One:
DB Walking Lunges on Track
Regular Tight/Power Lunges- 20 steps
Lunge Pulses- 4 steps with 25 pulses
Regular Tight/Power Lunges- 20 steps
Lunges Pulses- 4 steps with 35 pulses
**You will complete this combination until you have reached 4 steps with 55 pulses
**Make sure to sit back on the lunge pulses/stabilizing and contracting the back leg
***Try not to stop between steps and pulses
****After completing the lunge exercise, sprint two laps around the track

Round Two:
(1) Two Crunches + Two Sit-ups (use 2nd bar/4=1)- 10x
(2) Abdominal Bicycles (moderate tempo)- 100x
(3) Three Crunches + Three Sit-ups (use 3rd bar/6=1)- 10x
(4) Abdominal Bicycles (moderate tempo)- 100x
(5) Sprint two laps on track- Goal Time: under 1 minute

Round Three:
(1) One Arm KB Squat Push Press- 25x each arm (start with left arm)
(2) Push-ups- 10 times
(3) One Arm KB Squat Push-Press- 35x each arm (start with right arm)
(4) Push-ups 10 times
(5) Burpees- 10 times + One Lap Run on Track- Goal Time On Run: under 30 seconds

Round Four:
(1) Four Crunches + Four Sit-ups (use 4th bar/8=1)- 10x
(2) Reverse Crunches (roll knees into chest)- 5o times
(3) One Crunch + One Sit-up Hold- (use 1st bar)- Hold each sit-up at the half-way motion down for 20 seconds- complete 5 sets
(4) Reverse Crunches (roll knees into chest)- 50 times
(5) Core Plank- 45 second hold (*Make sure you are a flat table top)

Round Five:
(1) Two Arm/One KB Squat Raise- 25 times (*make sure you go deep in squat/swing kb through legs/raise with straight arms parallel to the floor/think of your body as one unit)
(2) Push-ups- 10 times
(3) Two Arm/One KB Squat Raise- 35 times
(4) Push-ups- 10 times
(5) Two-Arm/One KB Squat Raise- 45 times
(6) Push-ups- 10 times
(7) Burpees- 10 times + One Lap Run on Track- Goal Time for Run: under 30 seconds

Round Six:
(1) Incline Bench Chest Press Combo- single-arm + single-arm + 2-motion together
*Use the following pattern to complete the exercise
Right Arm Press + Left Arm Press + 2-motion Together- 1x
Left Arm Press + Right Arm Press + 2-motion Together- 2x
Right Arm Press + Left Arm Press + 2-motion Together- 3x
Left Arm Press + Right Arm Press + 2-motion Together- 4x
**Continue using this pattern until you have completed up to 8 on your 2-motion together
(2) Free-Motion (#1) Chest Flye- 15 times (Heavy-to-Moderate Weight)
(3) Push-Ups- 10 times
(4) Farmers Walk- 1 Full Lap Around The Track/Goal: Complete One Full Lap Without Stopping
(5) One Lap Sprint- under 30 seconds

Round Seven:
*Same concept as Round Six/only difference is that you will reverse the reps in #1
*For Example: Right Arm + Left Arm + Two-Motion Together- 8x
Ending at Two-Motion Together- 1x
**All others the same except for #5- Sprint Two Laps- Goal Time: under 1 min

Round Eight:
(1) Use 17” Box- 15 Step-High Knee- 15x each leg (Start With Left Foot On Box/Be Explosive with Right Leg High Knee/Use one db- Left Leg on box/Left Arm Holding DB at the Shoulder)
(2) Box Jumps- 25 times (Make sure you land completely on the box/make sure you land in a low squat position on the box and on the floor)
(3) Same as #1- 25x each leg (Start with Right Foot On Box)
(4) Box Jumps- 25 times (same as #2)

Way To Train! Stay Intense and Never Stop Pushing!

Try A Relaxing Breath

There are many breathing techniques, each designed to do something different. Some are energizing; others are relaxing. Here is one derived from yoga that Dr. Andrew Weil swears by for relaxing. He recommends it for falling asleep, going back to sleep after being awakened, or when you are feeling angry or upset.

Lie or sit comfortably. Touch the tip of your tongue to the ridge of tissue on the roof of your mouth behind your upper front teeth. Exhale completely through the mouth to the count of eight, making a whooo sound. Inhale through the nose to the count of four. Hold your breath to the count of seven, then exhale again to the count of eight. Do four complete cycles of inhalation, holding and exhalation, all the while keeping your tongue on the ridge on the roof of your mouth. Then breath normally.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health And Happiness. Pg. 331.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Appreciate This Present Moment

This one. Right now. It's so easy to forget. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, " We know how to sacrifice ten years for a diploma, and we are willing to work very hard to get a job, a car, a house, and so on. But we have difficulty remembering that we are alive in the present moment, the only moment there is for us to be alive. Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment."


Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 328.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week Two To A Lean Body

Hi there. Hope everyone is doing well and training hard. Now we all know that losing fat is the result of what you eat, how you eat, and how much you eat...also, combining intense strength training and cardio.

Using moderate cardio allows you to get over fat-loss plateaus without altering your eating regimen. So for this week (try not to cheer to loud) one strategy is to do only two moderate cardio sessions at 45 minutes per session. That should be enough to facilitate fat loss. Try not to force fat off, it can actually backfire on you, with the body downgrading its metabolism.

The next strategy for this week is to make sure you are including enough protein and leucine. After cutting carbs in half from last week, your body will begin to look for alternatives to bodyfat for fuel in this second half. You must be careful because unfortunately the body turns to muscle tissue as its first source. You can reduce this effect by increasing your protein intake by 50 grams per day. Think about adding an extra protein shake between meals or increasing your protein intake at the meals you eat before and after training. And don't forget the leucine, which can be found in BCAAs. Try to take this supplement before and/or after each workout. Leucine is so important and vital because it halts muscle breakdown (catabolism). It is important that you understand that when you start to get leaner, the body tears down protein, which would include muscle tissue, at a far greater clip than when calories and carbs are much higher. Adding Leucine before and after each workout will prevent the loss of protein, muscle tissue, and will help you maintain a balanced metabolism. Muscle & Fitness. 2007. Pg. 162.

Good luck this week. Work hard and take the time to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to function, repair, rebuild, and perform. Healthy eating has the potential to affect every aspect of your being...BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT.

EAT TO WIN...You can't build and repair muscles without sufficient protein in your eating regimen. If you're working hard but not making progress, upping your protein intake will help you perform and progress.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Insane Leg Workout Part II

Here is the second part to the insane leg workout that I posted on November 10th.

Round One:
1) Smith-Machine Squats with Hanging Chains on each side of bar (chains weigh approx 15-20 pounds)- 4 reps/ rest 10-15 seconds/8 reps; Men: 185# (weight from plates, not from chains)/Women: 95# (same as weight for men)
2) Walking Barbell Lunges- 20 steps/ Men: 80# barbell/Women: 50# barbell
3) Stair Sprints- 2 sets (Down and Up = 1 set)
Rest 1 minute

Round Two: Use Chains on all squats
1) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 4 reps/rest 15-20 seconds/8 reps; Men: 225 # (weight from plates, not from chains)/Women: 115# (same as men)
2) Walking Barbell Lunges- 30 steps/Men: 80# barbell/Women: 50# barbell
3) Stair Sprints- 4 sets (Down and Up= 1 set)
Rest 1 minute

Round Three: Same as Above
1) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 4 reps/rest 20 seconds/8 reps: Men: 275#/Women: 135#
2) Walking Barbell Lunges- 40 steps/Men: 80# barbell/Women: 50# barbell
3) Stair Sprints- 6 sets (Down and Up= 1 set)
Rest 1 minute

Round Four: Go For It!
1) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 3 reps/rest 25 seconds/6 reps; Men: 315#/Women: 155#
2) Rest 1 minute
3) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 3 reps/rest 30 seconds/6 reps; Men: 365#/Women: 175#
4) Rest 1 minute

Round Five: Don't Give In/Push Through
1) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 2 reps/rest 45 seconds/4 reps; Men: 405#/Women: 185#
2) Rest 1 minute
3) Smith-Machine Squats with Chains- 2 reps/rest 45 seconds/4 reps; Men: 405#/Women: 185#
4) Rest 1 minute

1) Sitting Calf Raises- 10 reps/rest 10 sec/20 reps- Men: 135#/Women: 45#
2) Leg Press- 10 reps/rest 10-15 sec/20 reps- Men: 630# (Total of 14-45# plates/7 each side)/Women: 270# (Total of 6-45# plates/3 each side)
3) Box Jumps (use 17" Box)- 10 reps
No Rest/Move on To the Next Round

Round Seven: Last Round Baby!!!!!! Take It Home!
1) Sitting Calf Raises- 10 reps/rest 10 sec/20 reps- Men: 180#(4-45# plates)/Women: 90# (2-45# plates)
2) Leg Press- 10 reps/rest 15-20 sec/20 reps- Men: 810# (Total of 18-45# plates/9 each side)/Women: 360# (Total of 8-45# plates/4 each side)
3) Box Jumps (use 23" Box)- 10 reps

Game Over !

Monday, November 10, 2008

Insane Leg Workout Part 1

Are you up for the challenge? Of course you are. You can do anything you set your mind to...NO MATTER WHAT! And of course...YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO, NOT WHAT YOU SAY. Below is an intense and insane leg workout. Go for it!

Round One:
1) Leg Extensions- 10x- Men: 8plates; Women: 6plates/rest 10-15 seconds
2)Leg Extensions- 10x- Men: 10 plates; Women: 7-8plates/rest 10-15 seconds
3) Leg Extensions- 2x- Men: 14 plates; Women: 9-10plates/no rest
4) Leg Extensions- 20x- Men: 10 plates; Women: 7 plates
Rest 30 seconds and move to the next round

Round Two:
1) One-Arm KB Squat Raise- Parallel- 10x each side
2) Burpees- 10x-Rest 15 seconds
3) One-Arm KB Squat Raise-To-Parallel- 15x each side
4) Burpees- 15x
Rest 20-30 seconds and move to the next round

Round Three:
1) Leg Extensions- 10x- Men: 10 plates; Women: 7plates/rest 15-20seconds
2) Leg Extensions- 10x- Men: 12-14 plates; Women: 8-9plates/rest 15 to 20 seconds
3) Leg Extensions- 2x- Men: 16-18plates; Women- 10-11plates/no rest
4) Leg Extensions- 20x- Men: 13 plates; Women: 8 plates
Rest 30 seconds and move to the next round

Round Four:
1) One- Arm KB Squat Raise-To-Parallel- 10x (ONE ARM ONLY)
2) Burpees- 10x
3) One-Arm KB Squat Raise-To-Parallel- 10x (OPPOSITE ARM)
4) Burpees- 10x
5) One-Arm KB Squat Raise-To-Parallel- 15x (START ARM)
6) Burpees- 15x
7) One-Arm KB Squat Raise-To-Parallel- 15x (OPPOSITE ARM)
8) Burpees- 15x

This is part one of this leg workout. I will be posting part two of this workout tomorrow. Enjoy and push through. Make the pain feel sweet and so good. You are the driver of your ship and your destiny. DO OR DIE PEOPLE.....I SAY DO!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cultivate The Positive

Happiness, teaches the Dalai Lama and other great sages, come from cultivating positive states of mind and eliminating negative ones. What that means is to experience as much as possible generosity, compassion, tolerance, and patience toward ourselves and others. When anger, fear, anxiety, or hatred arise in us (the enemies of happiness, say the Buddhists), we need to use our capacity for generosity, compassion, tolerance, and patience to eliminate them.

This is a lifelong work. For today, it is enough to commit to cultivating generosity, compassion, tolerance, and patience. When we dedicate ourselves to practicing these positive states, we take a giant leap toward bringing them into our lives on a daily basis.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 309.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keep Working Those Quads

Knees can ache when cartilage wears thin, but toned legs may spare that padding. Among osteoarthritis sufferers in a study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, those with the strongest quadriceps preserved the most cartilage behind the kneecap. Fit quadriceps keep kneecaps from moving abnormally and grinding the cushion, even in healthy knees.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Try Some Candle Magic

How about conjuring up your heart's desire with candle magic? Writes Margie Lapanja in Goddess in the Kitchen, "Candles have been employed in almost every religious and spiritual tradition since fire was discovered. The flame symbolizes the energy of intention that is both released and attracted, and the light of the flame guides and illuminates these desires. The dripping wax represents the grounding power of the earth, while the dance of the flame resonates with the energy of manifestation...One vital note: Be careful of what you ask for because, if you have faith, you'll get it."

In the candle magic, the color of the candle symbolizes what you wish to manifest:
Red: Love, Passion, Courage:
Orange: Concentration, Emotional Stability, Healthy Sexuality
Yellow: Creativity
Green: Abundance, Health
Sky Blue: Peace, Intuition
Dark Blue: Protection
Purple: Power
White: Purification, Clarity
Pink: Honor, Friendship, Happiness
Silver: Serenity
Black: Release

I love candles. Do you love candles? Try to go through each color and feel what each candle does for you.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 305.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Notice The Half-Full Glass

This is standard advice to pessimists. Instead of noticing all of what's wrong, cheer yourself up by focusing on what's right in your life. Train yourself to notice that the glass is half-full instead of half-empty, and you will be happier no matter what is going on.

It's easy to say, I can testify that it is possible to retrain yourself to look on the positive side.
A new spin on that idea came from the best selling author Iyanla Vanzant, who is an inspiring example of someone who has turned her life around from extreme hardship to phenomenal success. She reminds us that "no matter how much is in the glass, it is for that time, in that moment, as full as it's going to get." THE KEY WORDS HERE ARE IN THAT MOMENT! Right now, for each of us, the glass is as full as it is going to get. That says nothing about tomorrow or next week. JUST RIGHT NOW! So enjoy and embrace each moment. Live life and stay focused on the things that matter.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 301.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spritz Up

Hi Everyone....sorry for the lack of blog entries this month. Lots of projects, new ideas, and training...I look forward to sharing all of it with you soon.. Thanks so much for always tuning in!

Here's a wonderful pick-me-up that uses one of my favorite scents-BERGAMOT. Bergamot is a light, flowery essential oil that is a mood lifter. All you need is a small plastic spray bottle. Make a body spray by combining 1 cup of water with 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops bergamot. Shake well and spray on hands and face anytime you need a boost.


Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 284.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Embrace Your Essential Nature

In their wonderful book TRUE WORK, Michael and Justine Toms tell a great story about an acorn who wants to become a redwood tree. No matter how many positive affirmations the acorn says, no matter how many self-help seminars or diets it tries, it will grow up to be an oak, not a redwood. "Enormous power and strength is available when you act from your essential nature," they remind us. And to power and strength, I would add happiness too.

Embracing our essence is not necessarily easy. For many of us, our essence is so intrinsic as to be invisible; to others it is devalued because it feels so ordinary-we keep thinking it's BETTER to be a redwood than an oak. If your essence eludes you, ask a friend, "When you think of me, what adjectives come to mind?" Ask yourself, "When do I feel most true to myself?"

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 271.
Love you Always Mom!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Expect The Best

Moods tend to generalize. What I mean by that is that you can get on a roll of feeling bad and carry it over day after day till suddenly a month has gone by with you in a gray fog.

We can stop such a cycle, however, when we remember that every day is a new one and that we should expect the best today no matter what. As Iyanla Vanzant remembers in YESTERDAY I CRIED, her spiritual teacher once said, "Just because it rained yesterday and the ground is flooded, that does not mean you are going to get wet today."

Try adopting that as your slogan for today. Keep walking forward and don't look back...keep forward and think positive, and things will fall into place like they should.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 269.
Thanks you!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Intense Workout

"Dare To Be Remarkable." -Jane Gentry

1) Do Not Rest Between Exercises in a round
2) Challenge yourself and pick challenging weight for each exercise
3) Watch your form and make sure you are breathing on each exercise
4) Intensity! Bring it...push!

Round One: Four Sets Through-No Rest!
1) Pull-ups or Assisted Pull-ups-10x + Push-ups- 10x
2)**After Fourth Set- One Lap Sprint- Goal Time: Under 30sec

1) Smith-Machine Squats or Free Motion (G.Z.) Squats- 25x (moderate/challenging weight)
2) Wall-Sit- 1 min (make sure you are parallel to the floor)
3) Squat Jumps- 25x (Land deep in a squat position/jump up and land in a squat/jump continuous without stopping)
4) Smith-Machine Squat or Free-Motion (G.Z) Squats- 25x (try to increase weight from #1)
5) Wall Sit- 1 min
6) Squat Jumps- 25x (same form as #3/hold EVERY 5TH at the down squat position for 10 seconds)

Round Three: Four Sets-No Rest!
1) Lat Pull-downs (Wide)- 10x + Push-ups- 10x
2)*After Fourth set- Two Lap Sprint- Goal Time: Under 60 sec

1) Step-Taps (use 17" or 23" box)- 25x each leg (moderate/challenging weight)
2) Split Squat Jumps- 1 min
3) Hip Abduction- 100x (moderate weight)
4) Split-Squat Jumps- 1 min
5) Lying Leg Curls- 4x10 (rest ONLY 10 SEC between sets/moderate weight)
6) Stair Sprints- 5x (up and down= 1)

Round Five: Four Sets- No Rest!
1) Universal Row- 10x (1st & 2nd set-palms down/3rd & 4th- palms up) +
Finger-Facing Push-ups- 10x (moderate/challenging weight)
2) *After 4th set- Core Plank- 1 minute
3) * After Core Plank- Bent-Over Flye- 10x + Alternating Shoulder Press- 30x > 4 sets/moderate weight
4) *After 4th set-Core Plank with Forward & Backward Shift- 1 min
5) Windjammer Race- 4 min/Pick challenging level/First set> palms down/second set> palms up

Round Six: Go Down The Line With No Rest!
1) Sit-ups- 15x
2) Bicycle Pumps (2's)- 50x
3) One Crunch + One Sit-up (2=1)- 15x
4) Bicycle Pumps (2's)- 50x
5) Sit-up Twist/Twist- 15x
6) Corkscrews- 30x
7) One Crunch + One Sit-up Twist/Twist (2=1)- 15x
8) Corkscrews- 30x
9) Pick one cardio exercise or machine> 20 min/75-85% work load

AWESOME JOB! YOU DID IT! Remember, if you have any questions about any of the exercises or concepts, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eating The Right Way

"I didn't get here by dreaming about it or thinking about it-I got here by doing it."
-Estee Lauder

Back to the drawing board. Many of us seem to struggle with making the proper decisions that will help us overcome the battle with nutrition. I believe it is important that you become in tune with your body. You must find what works for you and what is going to help you. And like I have said before what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Just remember to be patient and don't get discouraged if you don't respond to certain foods or tactics the way you should. For some of you, it may become an uphill battle...but don't give up, try another approach. Stay positive and be consistent. Consistency is the key. No one said this would be easy, but I promise you that once you find what will see nothing but positive changes.

 Below, I am including some information that will help you establish proper eating choices and real results in the end.

1. Please, please, please...avoid skipping meals. This is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. Skipping meals will lower your metabolism and will cause you to overeat at other times. Skipping meals will prevent you from performing with intensity during your workouts and will contribute to a lack of energy throughout your day.

2. Watch your serving sizes. This has become one of the main problems with nutrition. Many tend to overeat in one meal, possibly because they haven't eaten enough throughout their day. Their body is starving, which is influencing them to overeat...particularly at dinner time. One example is a serving of meat is comparable to a deck of cards and can be held in the palm of your hand. In the last 10 years, our serving sizes have doubled which is leading to a tremendous increase in weight gain.

3. Think well-balanced! Give your body what it deserves and it will give you back so much more. A balanced eating regimen should include equal balances of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, and beans. Each meal should be well-balanced containing a protein, a carb, and a fruit or vegetables.

4. Don't forget your whole grains. Did you know that eating more whole grains will help you ward off diabetes and heart disease. Also, whole grains contain high fiber, vitamin and mineral content...things that we tend to lack in our daily intake. Some examples of whole grains are whole-grain breads and cereals.

5. IMPORTANT! One way to reduce blood pressure is to check nutrition labels for sodium content in the foods you eat. There has been a tremendous increase in an individual's sodium intake over the years. When you feel like you need to add seasoning to your food, give herbs, spices, and other seasonings a try...this will give your food a natural flavor without the sodium.

6. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE! Please, do not allow long periods of time between eating. This seems to be another problem amongst people. For instance, someone will eat breakfast at 7a and then have their next meal at 12p...that is 5 down hours that could be crucial to your progress. Try to eat every 3 hours and try to consume three or more healthy meals plus healthy snacks in between.

7. An interesting way to be creative in eating is to make your healthy foods available, visible, and easy to eat. I have found that over the years, making your foods easy to eat will make you more likely to eat right and will promote consistency in your eating regimen. An example of this process is to leave the bananas out on your counter so you can grab one one-on-the go in the morning. Another example (which has always been effective) is to prepare your meals at the beginning of the week (Sunday). Cut up fruits and vegetables and put them in plastic bags for easy snacking.

8. Always include healthy snacks in your daily eating regimen and make sure they are on hand for a quick treat or a pick-me-up. Try to think of snacks as a great way to satisfy hunger.

9. Family is one of the most important aspects of our life. You set examples for your children...they are like sponges (sucking everything in). So what you do and the choices that you make for yourself are important for your children. They look to you for the answers. Get your children involved in proper nutrition early in life. You will be helping them pave their way of life for the rest of their life. Try to keep your children interested in nutrition by making it fun...who knows this approach may even help you stay motivated and consistent. For example, use cookie cutters for sandwich art. Try new and creative ways to help your children understand proper nutrition.

10. Family! Family! Family! Try having regular family meals each must make it a priority, which means everyone eats at the dinner table and everyone eats at the same time. We must go back to old ways of living in order to grab this monster by the horns...smaller serving sizes, family dinners at the table, and being well-balanced.

11. Get Involved! On school nights, involve your kids while packing their lunches for the following day. Have them make a list of the healthy things they would like in their daily meals...get their input and provide the knowledge that is going to help them make right choices. Get them involved in grocery shopping and have them look for the things that they wrote down on their list. This will teach them about the right foods, plus they will feel all grown up because you are allowing them to make decisions for themselves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Are You Right Now?

It's so easy to get caught up in the mundanities of life and lose track of the big picture of our lives. To keep focused on what is most significant, a woman named Dawna Markova has taken to orienting herself by asking four questions: "What are you moving away from? What are you moving against? What are you moving with? What are you moving toward?"

Don't worry if you aren't sure what the questions mean. Just respond with the first thing that pops into your head. It's a powerful practice for getting clear on where you are right now in your life. It makes you realize what you need to do and holds you accountable for staying true to yourself. Live your life and EMBRACE IT!

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 259.
Thanks for all that you have done for me. Love you Mom!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspiration and Motivation

Where do you look for inspiration? What keeps you motivated to keep working hard and consistent in all your workouts or in your daily life? You must find ways to be inspired and motivated to continue on your path. It can be very difficult to stay motivated due to obstacles and challenges you face each and every day....THAT IS HOW LIFE WORKS! You must believe that you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle/challenge. Look around you...there is inspiration and motivation all around you. You must be able to recognize it and apply it to your life. People come in and out of our life everyday....some stay for awhile, while others are there for a short time. You can learn so much from others...which will help you stay motivated or inspire you to overcome difficulties. You will come across people that have overcome seemingly impossible difficulties, people who follow their dreams into uncharted territory, people who rise to incredible heights of achievement and success. Inspiring people teach us how to find spiritual fulfillment, creative expression, and deep satisfaction in life. But don't sell yourself short...everyone has a story and EVERYONE has overcome something. It is a snowball effect, you get inspiration from one person and then you are an inspiration to another person. It is quite a fascinating pattern.

For several years, I have been trying to find new and different ways to keep my clients motivated/inspired. Motivation must come within, but I believe that you can help someone find their motivation by providing them with tools (knowledge, confidence, assurance). Recently, I decided to try something different and something unique. Something that could be a daily reminder for someone....something that could reassure someone they can do whatever they set their mind to. So my idea is to give some sort of motivation/inspiration on a different level...inspirational/motivational frames, each different and each with meaning. Making sure that each one touches on different aspects of a person through spiritual, emotional, and physical ways. As I began to work on this project, I discovered all the possibilities right in front of me...all of which would help people to stay motivated and inspired to do good in life. Below, I have included some of my general frames and one customized piece. A customized piece is different because the client will give me the colors they want included. I will then customize this piece by what I see for them, what I think they are capable of (how I see them through my eyes/their full potential), and help them think about what they want to accomplish and how they can accomplish anything. If you are interested in a general frame or a customized frame, please contact me through this blog entry. I would love to give you a piece of inspiration.

Inspiration and Motivation Frames

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who Wants To Play

"Our senses are indeed out doors and windows on this world, in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meaning and the wellspring of creativity."- Jean Houston

Here is a little combo that will challenge you and make you work...
Rules of the Game:
1. Absolutely no rest between the two exercises.
2. Make sure to breathe accordingly.
3. Make sure to use your upper and lower body as one unit/working together to get through each exercise with perfect form.
4. Watch your form/technique and form are very important when it comes to fitness.
5. PLEASE Pay Attention to what you are doing when you attempt this workout. Do not fall off the treadmill or lose your balance.

Warm-up-2 minutes on Treadmill> Moderate Level

The Fun the following two exercises back-to-back for a total of 10 sets
**Remember both exercises together will equal 1 set
*Treadmill Run- 60 seconds> Level 7-Level 8
*Squat Position Hold- 30 seconds
(no need to jump off the treadmill/position yourself on the sides of the treadmill/use the handles only to balance yourself if needed/squat down parallel to the floor and hold your position tightly/make sure back is straight, abs are engaged, head is up, and your sitting back on your heels)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Different Month From The Rest

Welcome to a new month...a month filled with lots of adventure, new concepts, new information, and something totally different. I have been doing a lot of thinking recently on how I can make this month different. I have enjoyed sharing my passion with you and my love of training and fitness on so many levels, but one thing I haven't done is share my personal experiences with you on all levels. The experiences that I have faced. Experiences that have been hard, great, difficult, tremendous...the good and the bad.

And so I have decided to take you on a journey through my experiences, which have definitely shaped me into the person that I am today. Please bare in mind that even though I am going to share my experiences with you, you will still get what this blog is intended for (health, fitness, & life). My hopes from all of this is to give YOU a deeper view and understanding of fitness and life.

I am so excited to share what truly has lived inside of me all my life. And I know in my heart that we all have it, a gift filled with determination, drive, commitment, perseverance, love, purpose, joy...HEART! And if you don't know what is inside you, it waits to be discovered. It is patient and it doesn't give up on you. Most importantly, it believes that you will embrace it. It is up to YOU to make it happen and that is one thing I have learned in my 34 years on earth.

So here we go...follow me to the beginning!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hi There


Monday, August 11, 2008

Important Tips

Hi. I hope that everyone is training hard, staying active, and overcoming any challenges/obstacles that make come your way. Never give up. It is okay to take a couple of days off and then resume back to where you left off. Remember the body doesn't grow and build when you are working builds and strengthens during the period that you are not working out. Below, I am going to brush upon just a couple of tips you need to really pay attention to.

Tip #1: When you're on a short, intense, goal-oriented fitness regimen, it is crucial that you maintain stable blood sugar levels to prevent energy crashes and appetite cravings that could ultimately throw you off course. The most effective way to do this is to eat every 2-3 hours, without skipping a single meal or a snack.

Tip #2: Stay away from processed and junk foods.
*If it's a nonfood, don't eat it.
* The longer it lasts on the shelf, the worse it is for you.
* Never eat anything with the words hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils/fats in the list of ingredients.
* Avoid refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup (sometimes labeled HFCS) at all costs
*Never eat any food product that has been "enriched."

Tip #3: Make sure that you regulate your sodium and water consumption. Excess sodium can raise your blood pressure and slow down your metabolism. When you eat sodium, the excess sodium is deposited just beneath the skin, where it attracts water, which is retained in your cells. This process will make you look puffy and feel bloated. Another downfall to all this is that when water is retained in your cells, it impedes the fat-burning process and slows down your metabolism. Don't get all worried and uptight about this because sodium is in everything. Just be aware and try to ingest under 1,000 mg a day in order to maximize your body's fat-burning potential and lower your blood pressure.

Tip #4: Have fun. Be happy that you are changing your lifestyle. Do what it takes to be healthy and fit. Smile big and long because the most important thing to know is that Fitness Is Fun...if you let it be.

Create Some Luck

Have you ever said, "If it weren't for my bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?" Does it seem like only other people enjoy good luck? According to Marc Myers, author of How To Make Luck, luck is not random at all. It's just that certain people are better at making good luck than others. Here's how to do it, he claims:

1. Instead of envying other people's luck, make a list of what is positive in your life. Envy saps luck-attracting energy.
2. Really connect when you meet people-smile warmly, look in their eyes, remember their name. A chance meeting often brings luck.
3. Let go of mistakes quickly by focusing on the positive.
4. Write down your goals and the people who help you make them happen.
5. Make time and space for opportunity to knock. If you're too busy running around distracted, you won't recognize a lucky break when it occurs.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 230.
Thanks Mom!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take A Cool Shower

Hi. Here is another little tip I think you will find helpful.

The benefits of water have long been know for treating injuries. But recently there has been growing interest in the benefits of hydrotherapy to prevent sickness and reduce stress. And medicine is now discovering what we intuitively have known all along-that the temperature of the water produces different effects: warm water is relaxing and puts you to sleep; cold water invigorates. Much attention is now being paid to contrast showers where you alternate hold and cold, which are said by some holistic healers to be the fastest way to achieve good health.

Because it's August, I'm going to suggest you try an energy-boosting cool shower from The Complete Book of Water Healing. It will elevate your mood and combat fatigue by making your blood circulate faster. Stand under the warm water for two to three minutes, then gradually make the water cooler and cooler, standing under cold water for two minutes.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 225

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Legend

Hi. A couple months ago in one of my blog entries I discussed Arnold and how his work ethic, dedication, and thought process helped him to succeed in anything he set out to do. I want to take a moment now and talk about another amazing athlete...Bruce Lee.

One of the things I found amazing about this athlete was his speed/quickness and his 5'7", 135-pound physique-which was lean, muscular and sickly striated. Lee had the full package with his speed, balance, and power. He preached things such as, "use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.

Lee always put demands on himself...accepting nothing but the best effort . He placed greater emphasis on strength and endurance training as well as the development of his own way of martial art. He stated that, " you had to mix some of the old with some of the new to create your own style, your own way."

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."
- Benjamin Disraeli
He truly set an example to many with his determination and dedication. He craved to know more about fitness and how that was going to tie in to his craft. He trained hard each and every day- he shapes his life of focus and heart. He stretched extensively, which builds endurance. He stretched extensively and ran, cycled or jumped rope every day to build his endurance.

Here's an interesting fact many of you will find interesting. At 135 pounds, Lee could stand holding a 125-pound barbell parallel to the floor and kick a 300-pound heavy bag hard enough to hit the ceiling on the resulting swing. He always said, "you can be strong, but if you can't use your strength and speed, then you are not powerful." Another interesting fact is he performed 50 one-arm chin-ups and held a V-sit for more than 30 minutes. He loved to challenge himself and would train so intensely that nothing would stand in his way.

He would train with kettle bells and various versions of pull-ups. His core exercise were squats, deadlifts, clean and press. He trained hard and would see results fast because of his dedication and determination to improve. He didn't have anybody telling him what to do, how to eat, how to train-he just did it his own way, which impressed so many people. He just trained hard because he wanted to get better. He learned this mental toughness from his martial art training. It was truly his commitment to realizing the full potential of the human body. Bruce Lee is truly an example to many and will continue to be.

Learn From Those Around You

Often the people in our lives are our greatest teachers. Some say that we attract precisely the people we need in our lives to learn what we have to learn.

We learn from them not only directly-oh, so that's how to do it-but also by negative example-oh, so that's how NOT to do it. We learn from them by having to stretch ourselves in new ways-to assert ourselves finally, maybe, to avoid being run over by someone. Or to be more patient and tolerant of mistakes. When we see our interactions as opportunities for growth, we can by happier with them and with ourselves.

The list of what we might be learning is endless and different for each one of us. But today, I'd like you to contemplate these two questions: From whom must I learn to receive? From whom (or what) must I learn to protect myself? Take note and stay open. :)

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. Pg. 219.
Thanks Mom!

The Last Week Before Competing

This entry is to Mister Man (D.B.) regarding the information I told you I would get you. Hope it helps you.

Anytime you diet, it's a fact that strict dieting depletes you. Muscle cells shrink. You lose muscle glycogen. Your energy stores are empty. And when it is all said and done (especially when you are preparing to step on stage for a competition), you don't look big, strong, energetic, and healthy cuz you have torchered your body day in and day out for the last 9 to 12 weeks.

The way to avoid this is to stop dieting a week before the contest and give your body a chance to rest, recuperate, and replenish itself. According to Arnold, he would finish dieting a full week (and sometimes more) before the show, and then gradually increase his food intake, which gave his muscles and glycogen stores plenty of time to recover from the depleting effect of the diet. He believes that it is possible to get this effect in less time, BUT not in a day or two.

He believes that by going on a zero-carb diet for a day or two before the carbing up process does not produce beneficial results and can be very detrimental. The process of carbing-up involves increasing your carb intake just prior to a contest in order to supply more glycogen to the muscles and make them bigger. And it involves eating more fat as well. Understand that all the time you have spent dieting, your body is hardly going to start making body fat immediately when it starts getting a more normal amount of food. This is such an important issue because this process is necessary because the size of your muscles is very much affected by the amount of glycogen (stored carbs) and water they contain.
**Since the body can absorb only a certain amount at any one time, you need to ingest your carbs in a number of small meals. Since your show falls on a Saturday, you must be sure you body has an adequate supply of carbs starting no later than Wednesday. If you wait until the last minute, you will simply overload your body with carbs that it can't metabolize. **THIS WILL SEND YOUR BLOOD SUGAR RATE SKYROCKETING, WHICH WILL CAUSE YOUR BODY TO RETAIN A LOT OF WATER -AND YET YOUR MUSCLES WILL BE FLAT.

In order to lose water competitors have chosen the solution of diuretics...which could have a number of difficulties. Muscles are more than 75 percent water, so if you lose to much water it simply causes your muscles to shrink. Another problem is that diuretics flush out electrolytes from the body-THE MINERALS WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL FOR OPTIMUM CONTRACTION OF THE MUSCLES.
**Arnold suggests to look at what the body does with water. The more you drink, the more your body flushes out the excess in your urine. This process also eliminates excess minerals like sodium from your body. He believes that if you restrict your water intake the body immediately begins to retain as much fluid as possible to guard against dehydration.



It is a fact that excess sodium can lead to increased water retention (which is why individuals with blood pressure problems have to watch their sodium intake). He believes that this doesn't happen if you are fully hydrated and the body is flushing excess sodium out of your system along with excess water. He also believes that distilled water is bad for you, and the result is that they end up weak, more depleted necessary, with chemical imbalances in the body along with painful, debilitaing cramps. Try to avoid foods with excessive amounts of sodium and drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

1) Avoid foods that contain excess amounts of sodium.
2) Limit your fluid intake only starting the night before a contest. Don't have to cut out fluids entirely.
3) Keep your blood sugar levels steady. Don't let yourself get to hungry, and don't stuff yourself right before the show.
4) Let your body sweat normally through exercise.
5) Don't develop an over reliance on the steam room or sauna to lose water. This could deplete the body. Remember, sweat is not just water, but you sweat away lots of minerals.
6) Include as many outdoor workouts in your training as you can, to let the sun help bake any excess water out of your system. Drink lots of fluids to replace what you have sweated.

Stick to your plan. Cut back your water as recommended. Keep eating small meals, and do some posing.

Continue to do what you have already been doing. Eat. Not huge meals, but several ones (depending on whether prejudging is the morning or the afternoon). Drink water BUT take in only about half of your "normal" amount. Don't put salt on your food. Try not to avoid foods that have normal sodium.

I hope this helps you. You are so ready and I look forward to seeing how you will shape in these last weeks. You are doing so good...stay focused and push!
Schwarzenegger, A. Encyclopedia. Pgs. 767-772.

Monday, August 4, 2008

One Of The Best Things For You

Hi Everyone...welcome to a brand new month. Try to really take yourself to new levels this month. Set up realistic goals and be consistent. Go at your pace and do a little bit everyday to get closer to your goals. Stay active, keep striving, and never give up.

The body is about 72 percent water with some tissue and minerals thrown in for good measure. While water has no calories, it's vital to your survival. It participates in almost all the chemical reactions in your body, it helps cool you, and moves vital fuels and hormones to your muscles and tissues. In short, you're cooked without it. Water also helps fill you up, so it can help fight hunger pangs. The brain triggers thirst and hunger from two different centers, but sometimes satisfying one center will temporarily satisfy the other. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait a half-hour before eating. Studies show that having a stomach full of water depresses hunger and can help you lose weight. If you're a soft drink lover, substitute plain water and watch the pounds disappear., Feb. 5, 2003.

I can not stress this enough. We need water in order to survive and to improve. Also with the increase in temperatures outside, try to keep your body hydrated and not overheated. You support and supply your body with the right stuff, your body will produce the results you want and you will perform at all different levels. Your body is your temple...take care of it! Respect your body and love your body...I promise that it will give you the results you have been striving for. Do the smallest things (like drink more water) and you will see the effect you have been seeking.

Look For The Happiness Under Your Nose

"While you're on your way to your pot of gold, don't forget to pick up the silver along the way." -Anonymous

How often do we ignore the silver in our path because we're so focused on that pot of gold? Believe it on not, we do this all the time. We will aim for a goal, and spend all of our mental energy trying to make it happen and being upset that it hasn't happened yet, oblivious to the good things that are right under our nose.

Right now, think of five pieces of silver in your life you have failed to notice and appreciate. Write them down and make an effort this week to embrace those five precious pieces of silver. Make them shine in each moment of your day. For example a list could be something like: good health, the health of your family, your resiliency and resourcefulness, love of learning, your comfortable house.

It is truly the silver along the way that shapes the outcomes you experience in your life. Focus on it all, not just on the ultimate goal or the destination. But on the pieces and experiences along the way...YOUR JOURNEY.

Ryan, M.J. Instant Health and Happiness. pg.220.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Really Be Careful!

Many people drink beer, wine and mixed drinks. Each gram of alcohol contains 7.5 calories-almost the same content as fat. So drinking alcohol is not good for your waistline. Drinking can also have significant effects on health and exercise training-both good and bad. Some people can metabolize alchohol better than others. Chronic party animals build up enzymes that eliminate alcohol must faster than people who drink occasionally or not at all. Alcoholics have genes that allow them to process alcohol better than other people. Studies show that a night of heavy partying can stop muscle growth in its tracks. However, alcohol has health benefits. Chemicals called phenols found in red wine are thought to protect the body against free radicals-destructive chemicals produced naturally during metabolism. So drinking an occasional glass of red wine or beer is OK. However, heavy drinking is not consistent with a healthy fitness lifestyle. And will prevent you from reaching your goals.

Nutrition, 17:677-678, 2001.

The Power Of Choice

Hello everyone.....I hope that everyone is having a great week and training hard. I just want to say that begin your journey if you haven't already. IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Your choice to begin your journey. The journey of discovering what is within you. The journey of knowing that you CAN DO IT. The journey of being YOU.

Work hard and DO NOT settle for anything less. FEEL THE BURN! FEEL THAT PAIN. It is supposed to hurt, if it doesn't hurt PUSH HARDER. If it hurts, EMBRACE IT. Feel that pain every time you is not your enemy, it is your best friend. Most people can not handle this pain and will stop...TRULY ONLY THE STRONGEST AND TOUGHEST WILL GO THE DISTANCE AND WILL GET TO THE FINISH LINE. DO NOT follow the weak, set your own path...BE YOUR LEADER! Know that what you are doing is helping you get closer to your destination.

Be your mental toughness. We all have it and once you know it...NOTHING will stop you, I MEAN NOTHING...will take you out of your game. Imagine the strength that pushes you through any obstacle or challenge regardless of how hard the task may be. You have it (we all have it)...feel it, believe in it, practice it, and be the powerful person that you are in MIND AND BODY. You truly have the strength and the willpower to FINISH YOUR FIGHT! Be an explorer and discover everything that is within you and around you. Take steps forward each every day and BE SO EXCITED to experience your journey. IT IS ALL UP TO YOU. YOU HOLD THE KEY!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Travel Workout Part II

Hello Everyone...this blog entry will be part II of the travel workout that I posted on July 3rd. For this half of the travel workout you will need a jump rope and a resistance cable (want to make sure that your resistance cable is challenging).

**Warm-up and Stretch-5-10 minutes

1) Heel-to-Butt Sit-ups- 25x (refer to the right hand side of my blog that is titled Definition Of Exercises/make sure your body is one unit/spot yourself on your quads if needed)
2) Double Crunches- 25x each side (one leg bent, opposite foot on the knee that is bent/upper body and lower body will crunch in together meeting at the halfway mark)
3) Resistance Cable Standing Chest press (palms down/place cable around a pole or a tree/one foot forward for balance/press wide in front of you)- 15x
4) Push-ups- 15x
5) Jog in Place -or- Jog down the street and back -or- Jog up a Hill- 2 minutes
*Rest 30 seconds and move to the next round

1) Core Plank- 1 minute (position yourself on your forearms and and your toes/think of a table top position/squeeze your butt/keep abdominals pulled in)
2) Super-person Hold with Small Kicks- 45 seconds
3) Seal Stretch
4) Seated Row with Resistance Cable- 15x (Position yourself in a seated position in front of your pole or a tree with resistance cable/row toward your body)
5) Standing Bicep Curls with Resistance Cable- 25x (Step on cable/the wider your stance the more resistance you have)
6) Traveling Squat Jumps- 25x (Start in a deep squat position/jump forward land deep and jump forward again/until you have completed 25 repetitions)

A cardio exercise of your choice- 30 minutes intense! Push Always and remember that you want to always shoot for the stars!

**Note: Make sure you pay attention to your rest time, it will be placed after your sets and repetitions for that specific exercise.

1) Cardio Exercise of your choice- 5 to 10 minutes (50% to 60%)
2) Basic Stretches- 2 to 5 minutes
3) Toe Raises (Try to stand on an elevated surface if you can)- 50x (first 25- moderate pace/last 25- slow pace with no rest)
4) Body Squats- 50x (same tempo as Toe Raises)
5) Overhead Press with Resistance Cable- 25x (challenge your muscles/remember to alter your resistance by positioning your cable at your feet/rest 20 seconds
6) Squat Push-Press with Resistance Cable- 25x (squat and as you come up push press/remember your body is a one unit machine)
7) Walking Lunges- 100x steps (it is not about speed/use proper form and technique)
8) Toe Raises- 50x (same tempo as #3/add resistance in your mind)
9) Super-person with Leg Curls- 50x (lay on your stomach /keep quads off the ground when you are curling your heels into your butt/add some resistance in your mind/no rest)
10) Upright Row Squats with Resistance Cable-25x (no rest)
11) Lunge Pulses- 25x each side/35x each side/45x each side (sit back on your lunges/act like a string is on top of your head pulling you up and down)
12) Step- Taps- 25x each leg (Make sure that you place your foot all the way up on a surface that is sturdy)
13) Toe Raise in Deep Squat- 50x (Go down in a deep squat/come up and end this exercise on your toes/add resistance in your mind)
14) Wave Squats- 30x (5-squats/5-squat jumps/5-squats-5 squat jumps...continue this pattern until you have reached a total of 30 wave squats)


Create your own workout day. Challenge yourself and try not to rest between exercises. Remember that your form and technique are important than speed and trying to get through the exercise because it hurts, etc. Add resistance in your mind and keep muscles contracted and engaged. The only requirement for this workout day is you must complete 45 minutes of a cardio session of your choice. I believe in being creative. You may choose to add your cardio in your workout session...or you may decide to do it after you have completed your strength training. Remember, to work hard and challenge yourself always. I BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Importance Of Staying Active And A Travel Workout

Hello Everyone...hope everyone is training hard and striving. I want to begin by stating how important it is to be active. Many times you find yourself not being able to get to the gym or you don't have the energy to get through a workout. So understand that you don't necessarily have to go to the gym to get in shape or to stay consistent. You can workout at your home or at a friend's house. Most importantly, you can do the little things throughout your day to help in your journey of overall health and fitness. For example, parking further from the door of a grocery store, instead of waiting for a close parking space to open up. Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Contracting your muscles and abdominals (isometric holds) throughout your day at your desk.

One thing I do in the comfort of my home, is I will challenge myself throughout my day. For example, at the beginning of my plan is to eat six servings of veggies. At the end of my day, if I have not completed my daily challenge...I will run up and down my stairs as many times as I need to, depending on what I wasn't able to complete. You can set your own challenges and your own consequences. All my life I have always liked to challenge myself and push myself to certain limits. So stay active because EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS...ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. Every single day matters...NO MATTER WHAT! Always do the little things because it is the little things that will make up the BIG PICTURE in the END RESULT.

Below, I am including an 8-day travel workout...that was requested from one of my clients, who I am so proud of. YOU GO GIRL! KEEP WORKING HARD! And, I just want to say that I am quite impressed that you took the initiative of wanting to stay consistent in your workouts. That to me is a huge keep up the good work and stay focused NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. You hold the key to your overall health and fitness. I am only a part of your journey, providing you with the tools to begin...the rest is up to you. You are truly the CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP! SO SAIL ON and don't ever look back!

Rules of The Workout:
1) Stretch and Warm-up before each workout
2) Many of the exercises are body weight are in control of adding resistance in your mind. Pretend that there is resistance pushing down on you and resistance that is not allowing you to complete motion.
3) Main goal for July is thinking of your body as ONE UNIT! The upper and lower body are working together to complete EVERY EXERCISE. Make sure you are always stabilizing and contracting your abdominals...YOUR CORE IS THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE...THE ROOT OF IT ALL.
4) Make sure you have proper form and technique. This is one of my biggest issues when it comes to training. Form is the most important, not how much you can lift or how fast you can complete your exercise. So always make sure you are engaging your muscles properly and breathing the right way on each exercise
5) ABSOLUTELY NO REST BETWEEN EXERCISES. I have trained this way all my life and I believe in my heart that it is EFFECTIVE. Not only are you building a strong foundation, but you are becoming a versatile athlete.
6) Bring intensity to each and every workout.
7) If possible, try to get a jump rope and light-to-moderate resistance cables. This equipment can be purchased at any Wal-mart and a very low price. Plus, both the jump rope and the resistance cables are so easy to pack...they are light weight and will help you complete your workouts with intesity!

Warm up with basic stretches (2-5 minutes)
Jumping Jacks- 100x (full range of motion)

1) Sit-up Twist/Twist- 25x
2) Push-ups- 25x
3) One Crunch + One Sit-up Twist/Twist (2=1)- 25x
4) Push-ups- 25x
5) Conditiong Drill- Jump Rope- 150x (Goal: No mess-up!/You have 2 attempts to complete 150 jumps with no mess up/PUSH!PUSH! YOU CAN DO IT! IT IS A MIND-SET/BE DETERMINED!
**If you are unable to complete the jump rope challenge- you must repeat all of round one. (Note: Many of you may find this extreme, but it is a challenge like this that will make you better...OVERALL! DO THE BEST YOU CAN...THAT IS ALL I ASK OF YOU)
6) *After you have completed your conditioning 1-minute and move on to the next round

ROUND TWO: Make sure you find a rhythm on your squats/But don't pop your squat/ENGAGE YOUR SQUATS
1) Shoulder-Width Body Squats- 100x (add resistance in your mind/make sure you sit back on your heels as if you are sitting back in a chair/do not let your knees shift over your toes and absolutely DO NOT bend over at the waist..keep your head up)
2) Squat Jumps In Place- 25x (start in a low squat position with hands on your head/jump from the bottom/and land in a low squat position/think of one unit/be smooth and controlled
3) Wide-Stance Body Squats- 100x (same as above)
4) Traveling Squat Jumps- 25x (same form as above/difference is that you will jump forward instead of straight up/still make sure you land in a low squat position and still jump from the bottom )
5) Challenge Drill- How many sit-ups can you do in 3 minutes?
1) Make sure your hands are on your head or across your chest
2) Make sure you go all the way down and all the way up over your knees
3) Rest if you have to but you are trying to do as many sit-ups as you can in 3 minutes
4) Document your results and send them to me through my blog. I have a number documented and would be very interested in knowing what you were able to accomplish in that amount of time.
6) After completing that drill- Rest 1 minute and move on to the next round

1) Superman/woman with kicks- 100x (Lay on your stomach and lift your upper and lower body off the ground as if you are flying/kick your legs with little chops keeping them is more of a flutter kick)
2) Finger- Facing Push-ups- 15x (Position yourself shoulder-width apart/bring fingers in so they are SOMEWHAT FACING EACH OTHER/ALWAYS! ALWAYS! LEAD WITH YOUR UPPER BODY ON ALL PUSH-UPS! Keep your abs engaged and your butt tight
3) Superperson with curls- 100x (Positon is same as above/difference is that you will bring your quads off the ground (*keeping them off the ground for the entire exercise)/curl your heels to your butt/add resistance as if someone is pressing down on you feet making it difficult to curl up and someone else is pushing down on your feet adding resistance to your negative motion (*which is bringing your legs down)
4) Two-Motion Finger-Facing Push-ups (2=1)- 15x (Position will be the same as #2/start from the down position/come up half-way...then go back down to the low position...and then do a full push-up (*when doing this exercise say to yourself mini (which is a little less than half way)/down/full> that equals 1 repetition
****Note: Two-Motion Exercises always start from the bottom...always start at your low point...NEVER from the top
5) Challenge Exercise: Place an object on the floor...a shoe box or a stack of will do side to side lateral jumps over the object- 50x (Goal Time is 24 seconds/Make sure that your hips are squared forward and that you are jumping from your hips instead of turning your body and leading with your quads/Find a rhythm and use your body as one unit/try to land in the same spot each time/and always jump in the center of your obstacle...NOT BEHIND IT)
***Again, many of you may think I am being extreme...You have a time to accomplish, just do the best you can!
***Document your time and please share your results with me...would love to see how you did!


Cardio Day- Cardio Of Your Choice- 45 minutes
**CHALLENGE! Remember, INTENSITY is the key!

Warm-up and Moderate Stretch- 5 to 10 minutes

1) Jogging In Place- 1 minute (Think of your body as one unit/make sure to use your arms when you are jogging
2) Mini Crunches- 100x (Do Not Let The Back Of Your Shoulders Touch The Floor/Make sure you keep your abs engaged at all times/try to complete all reps without stopping)
3) High Knees In Place- 1 minute (Same as above/taking knees to chest)
4) Abdominal Bicycles- 100x (Keep your elbows open/take elbow to knee/Alternating continuously)
5) Butt Kicks In Place- 1 minute (Same As Above/Take Heels To Butt)
6) Super-person Holds- 5 sets holding each on the top for 30 seconds/Rest only 10 seconds and then move on to the next set
7) Squat Jumps- 50 times (Same form As Day One)
8) Sit-Ups - 10x + Push-ups- 10x (Complete 5 sets back-to-back/Absolutely No Rest
9) Walking Lunges- 1oo steps
10) Mountain Climbers- 100x (keep upper body stabilized and lead with your legs)
**Rest 30 seconds and then move on to the next round

1) Wall Sits- 45 seconds + Backward Walking Lunges- 50x total + Run Back to the Wall- 3 sets (No Rest Between Exercises/Make Sure You Engage At All Times)
2) Jump Rope- 250 jumps (Goal: Try not to mess-up)
3) Sit-up Twist-To- One Side Only- 15 x each side (Do One Side And Then Switch To The Other Side)
4) Burpees- 15 times
5) Reverse Crunches- 25x (Lie On Your Back/Roll Knees Into Your Chest/Lead With Your Lower Abs/Keep Your Heels In To Your Butt)
6) Wall Sits- 1 minute + Squat Jumps- 15x- 2 sets only (No Rest Between Exercises/Make Sure You Watch Your Form)
7) Hip Raises- 25x (Lie Flat On Your Back/Legs Straight Up/Think Of A String Pulling Your Feet Straight Up)

***Drive Hard! Increase Your Resistance at every 15 minute mark



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Power Of Your Heart

Power Of Your Heart
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the HEART. -Helen Keller

Be Unique. Represent....YOU!

Be Unique. Represent....YOU!

Abdominal Challenge #1

  • NO REST Between Exercises/Keep hands on your head at ALL TIMES when you perform each Sit-up/Keep your legs bent on all Sit-ups/Watch your form and make sure you engage your belly button AT ALL TIMES/Control your motion and DO NOT USE MOMENTUM!
  • Unassisted Sit-ups- 10x/Hold #10 at the Halfway Mark for 20sec
  • Core Plank- 30 seconds
  • Unassisted Sit-ups- 15x/Hold #15 at the Halfway Mark for 20sec
  • Core Plank- 1 minute
  • Unassisted Sit-ups- 20x/Hold #20 at the Halfway Mark for 20sec
  • Core Plank- 1 minute 30 sec
  • Unassisted Sit-ups- 25x/Hold #25 at the Halfway Mark for 20sec
  • Core Plank- 2 minutes

Abdominal Challenge #2

  • DO NOT REST BETWEEN EXERCISES UNLESS IT IS STATED/USE THE SAME RULES FOR ABDOMINAL CHALLENGE #1/Substitute One Crunch + One Sit-up Twist/Twist for Plate Stand-ups if needed/Substitute Roman Chair Leg Raises for Hanging Leg Raises if needed
  • Medicine Ball Sit-ups (Unassisted)- 25 times/Explosive on the UP- 10 second count on the DOWN/Keep M.B. on your chest AT ALL TIMES
  • Hanging Bent Leg Raises- 3x15/Rest 10 seconds between sets/DO NOT SWING
  • Plate Standups/25 times/DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEET/Tempo- Moderate Pace/The lighter the plate the harder the exercise...CHALLENGE/PUSH!
  • Side Core Plank- Hold 30 seconds/25 Ups and Downs/Do one side at a time
  • Hanging Straight Leg Raises- 3x15/Rest 10 seconds between sets/DO NOT SWING
  • Plate Stand-ups + Sit-ups/(2=1) 35 times/DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEET/Tempo- Moderate Pace/The lighter the plate the harder the exercise...CHALLENGE YOURSELF
  • Side Core Plank- Hold 1 minute/35 Ups and Downs/Do one side at a time


  • Burpees x 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers x 30 seconds
  • Split Squat Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers x 30 seconds
  • Split Squat Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Burpees x 30 seconds


  • Wall Sit with Medicine Ball Between Knees x 30 sec
  • DB Split Squat Jumps x 30 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers On Forearms x 30 seconds
  • DB Burpees x 30 seconds
  • Diamond Shape Push-ups On Medicine Ball x 30 seconds
  • Medicine Ball Squat Jump Toss x 30 seconds


  • Traveling Forward Burpee- 10x
  • Traveling Forward Burp + Burpee- (2=1)- 10 x
  • Traveling Backward Burpee- 10x
  • Traveling Backward Burp + Burpee- (2=1)- 10x


In order to MASTER this conditioning drill, each exercise must be performed with perfect form and without STOPPING!





1) Straight-legged to Heels-to-Butt Sit-ups- lie flat on the ground with your legs straight and your hands on your head. As you start to do a sit-up bring your heels in to your butt and tap the floor (*the closer the heels come to the butt the harder). As you come out of your sit-up and begin to roll-down straighten out your legs and make sure the heels touch the floor. It should be a smooth, contolled one motion.
2) Burpee In Place-start by jumping straight in the air and then landing in a squat position with hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into the downward position of a push-up. Thrust the feet up and push up with the arms simultaneously.
3) Traveling Forward Burpee- the same concept as the Burpee In Place the only difference is jump forward instead of straight up.
4) Traveling Backward Burpee- the same concept as the Burpee In Place the only difference is jump backward instead of jumping straight up.
5) Burp- also known as a stripped down burpee. Start low and tucked toward the floor. Kick feet out to the bottom portion of a pushup. Then, push with your hands, while thrusting the feet back to the beginnning position (which is low and tucked toward the floor). It is only a half way motion minus without the jump in the air.
6) M.B. or Plate Stand-Ups- lie flat on the ground with your feet planted on the ground. Beginners should use two dumbbells and place on feet. Hold a m.b. or plate over your head (*the heavier the db/plate the easier...the lighter the db/plate or no weight the harder). Quickly move your arms forward and start to sit up. It is very important that you use your arms for momentum and engage your abdominals. Once your arms pass your knees, quickly push forward with your legs, moving into a standing position.
7) Mountain Climbers- start with your body in a push-up plank position. With the hands stationary, alternate the feet back and forth. One leg should be tucked with the knee coming close to your chest and the opposite leg extended. Make sure to place your weight on the balls of the feet.
8) Grasshoppers- your body will begin in the same position you used for mountain climbers. The movement starts by bringing your left foot underneath the body until it touches your right hand. After touching your hand, return the left foot to the starting position and repeat the movement by bringing your right foot across the body to your left hand. You will be on the balls of your feet but when you bring your foot toward your hand you will land on the side of your foot.
9) Wall Sit- place yourself up against a wall and squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Think about forming an L with the bottom portion of your body. Your back is supported against the wall. Hold this position for time. Do not place your hands on your thighs because this takes off the pressure in your legs. Absolutely no movement with this exercise.
10) Bridge- a great exercise that will develop strength and flexibility. It is a static hold that helps improve lower back strength. Start by lying down on the floor with your knees bent and your hands on the floor close to your ears. Lift yourself up with your abdomen pointing upward and with only the hands and the feet on the floor. Your body should create an arched position and you will maintain the upright position for time.
11) Aerobic exercise- means with oxygen. An activity in which demands of muscle for oxygen are met by circulation of oxygen in blood. Distance running, cross-country, skiing, distance cycling are all examples of aerobic activities.
12) Anaerobic Exercise- means without oxygen. Activity in which oxygen demands of muscles are so high that they rely upon an internal metabolic process for oxygen. Short burts of "all-out" activities such as sprinting or weightlifting are examples of anerobic exercises.
13) Burn- also known as "going for the burn." For instance, in endurance exercise, working muscles until lactic acid buildup causes a burning sensation.
14) Concentric- when muscles contract or shorten.
15) Delts- an abbreviation for deltoids, the large triangular muscles of the shoulder which raise the arm away from the body and perform other functions.
16) Eccentric- when muscles lengthen while maintaining tension.
17) Fast-Twitch- refers to muscle cells that fire quickly and are utilized in anaerobic activites like sprinting and powerlifting.
18) Glycogen- can be referred to as a full tank full of stored carbohydrates. Some of it is stored in the liver and some of it is stored in the muscles themselves.
19) Hybrid Lift- is two or more exercise done in one single movement. It is the inverse of a combo lift. For istance, performing a bicep curl while lunging.
20) Interval Training- is a short, high-intensity cardio exercise alternated with longer periods of lower-intensity cardio. It allows you to burn more calories, increase your speed, improve your power, and much more. It is more effective at burning fat while maintaining muscle mass. Combine this type of training with intensity will also increase your metabolic rate to amazing levels. This is because the work you do utilizes a greater percent of the body's muscles.

If You Want To Be Tough, You Are The Only One That Can Get You There!

If You Want To Be Tough, You Are The Only One That Can Get You There!


TRADE AFFIRMATION FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Accolades fade quickly, but your accomplishments have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

TRADE IMMEDIATE PLEASURE FOR PERSONAL GROWTH: It takes an oak tree decades to grow, but it takes a squash only weeks. Which do you want to be?

TRADE EXPLORATION FOR FOCUS:  The younger you are, the more experimenting you should do. But once you have found what you were created to do, STICK WITH IT!

TRADE QUANTITY OF LIFE FOR QUALITY OF LIFE: Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Give it your best because you won't get another chance.





Find a balance between your creativity and your responsibility to the world. Share your innovative ideas and inspire others.


"When change seems frightening, remember that it's the mother of new life, the one story line that we can count on to bring us home to our essential nature and our interconnectedness with the wholeness of life."

Borysenko, J. Saying Yes to Change. Pg. 173.


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